Pressure Relief Venting

Pressure Relief Venting is one of many key elements of an effective gaseous fire suppression system. When enclosures have a fixed gaseous suppression system installed in them, the effectiveness of the system is dependent in part of maintaining the required concentration to extinguish a fire. In order to achieve this, the enclosure must have an acceptable level of Integrity to contain the agent.
Pressure Relief Venting

If an enclosure is well sealed, at point of a system discharge, depending on the type of system, will cause a momentary increase in atmospheric pressure within the enclosure. This could at some stage throughout the discharge, create an increased pressure that can potentially exceed the enclosures structural ability to retain and hold this pressure.  Therefore, we install a pressure relief vent that is specifically designed for the type of system installed and allows the system to operate, without having an adverse effect on the enclosures structural integrity.

When working in sensitive enclosures, it is imperative that the Fire Rating of the enclosure can retain the extinguishant agent effectively to pass an Integrity Test, therefore when it comes to cutting large holes in them to allow installation of a PRV, we must ensure it is done to the highest of standards.

This usually means intrusive works in the enclosure and investigative works to ensure that the structures we are preparing to cut through are carried out in a way where the correct materials are utilised. Most of the work we do has been extensively surveyed with the client and a detailed programme of works complied in line with the client’s requirements.

We have details RAMS that ensure a range of Control Measures, not only cover all Health & Safety related aspects, but also ensure the operation, equipment, personnel & structure of the enclosure is protected from the works and continues to run consistently, so that business continuity is not affected by the works.

At PTESL we can offer a complete Pressure Relief solution to your enclosure. We have an in-house team, to ensure we can provide the best possible service. Our engineers not only have an in-depth understanding of building construction and materials but have a unique understanding of all aspects of how a typical data centre / sensitive enclosure works and operates. Therefore, you know the right people are carrying out these works in your enclosure to the highest of standards.

This is something that is not that common within our industry, as most vents are installed by a main building contractor who doesn’t have the specialist skills and knowledge that we do when it comes to sensitive enclosures that are high value / high risk / risk critical to business operations.

So far, we have successfully completed over 100 installations, from single vent installs to multi-large vent installations. We have also been involved in vent installations in a wide variety of locations and environments, this has given us the leading edge when it comes to understanding not only the right product but the correct method of installation, all in line with the client’s requirements.

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