What is fire stopping?

The use of rated fire stopping materials tested to BS 476 part 20/22 has been part of standard building specifications for quite some time, but many clients and indeed builders do not realise the potential risk they take by not employing the services of a third party expert in this field to ensure these products are fitted correctly.
When fixed extinguishant systems are installed in an enclosure, it is imperative that the enclosure can affect a fire rated seal and pass an Integrity Test. Fire Stopping is carried out to seal all penetrations that can potentially allow gaseous extinguishant to escape. This would therefore allow the concentration of the gaseous agent to lower and would not ensure that the system can effectively extinguish a fire in the event of a discharge.

When working in sensitive enclosures, it is imperative that the Fire Rating of the enclosure can retain the extinguishant agent effectively to pass an Integrity Test. Therefore, we ensure that we cover all aspects of an enclosure’s leakage.

This usually means intrusive works in the enclosure and investigative works to ensure all leakage has been highlighted and correctly rectified. Most of the work we do has been extensively surveyed with the client and a detailed programme of works complied in line with the client’s requirements.

We have details RAMS that ensure a range of Control Measures, not only cover all Health & Safety related aspects, but also ensure the operation, equipment, personnel & structure of the enclosure is protected from the works and continues to run consistently, so that business continuity is not affected by the works.

At PTESL we can offer a complete Fire Stopping solution. We have an in-house team, strategically located nationwide, to ensure we can provide the best possible service.

We have been involved in some of the largest fire stopping projects across a range of different applications. This has meant we have gained a wealth of experience of both the correct product application for the required seal and the correct method of application. Thus, ensures a certified effective seal to enhance and complete the Integrity of an enclosure.

As a company we have invested heavily in the latest product awareness and product application methods, so you can be assured your enclosure is in the best of hands. Due to our years of experience we can ensure that we cover every aspect of what’s required. During our initial survey and investigation works we use a fan, like that used in an Integrity Test, which allows us to accurately highlight key areas that require an effective seal. It means we can ensure our works are completed to a high thorough standard and offer positive results when the test is required.

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