PTESL Fire Suppression Systems is a UK SME that specialises in fire suppression, providing a broad range of services from fully managed solutions to consultancy. The PTESL workforce takes great pride in what we do and consistently deliver assurance, compliance and quality. Even though PTESL began in 2015 we bring a vast wealth of over 50 years combined fire engineering experience. Our comprehensive gaseous fire suppression systems are designed, in-stalled, maintained and BAFE approved. At PTESL we believe that undertaking work the correct way, is the only way. We are BAFE accredited in the fields of our expertise and comply with Health and Safety schemes including SafeContractor. All our fire suppression systems are both environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

We can provide fire suppression systems for a variety of industrial environments ranging from data centres to industrial machinery with the main aim to reduce collateral damage of costly equipment with the use of gaseous agents. PTESL use the latest type of fire protection prod-ucts, which is the next generation alternative. It combines outstanding extinguishing perfor-mance with an excellent environmental profile. This gas reduces the Oxygen to a level that prevents it from being an active component of the combustion triangle.

PTESL will assess the potential fire risk taking into consideration the physical constraints, building structure and location, then design a pragmatic cost-effective solution to match the risk. We also offer a decommissioning service and full in-house cylinder testing scheme.

We are unique in our industry because we are a true one-stop shop for our Clients. We combine electrical and mechanical services that result in an end to end solution that encompasses all our Clients needs and because our services are not subcontracted out this gives us greater control to manage projects effectively.

Our Managing Director Josh Grant has over 10 years experience in Fire Suppression systems, also a retained Firefighter for 11 years he gets to see the other side of what fire does to both people and property. This plays a part in why PTESL are so passionate about what they do and how we strive for only the best, as he knows all too well the devastating effect that fire can have on a business and its operations.

From Monday the 3rd of February 2020 PTESL moved its base of operations from Devonshire Business Park to our new larger facility: The Old Granary, Hartley Business Park, Selborne Road, Selborne, Alton, GU34 3HD.

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